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My scrapbooking

I had a great experience a few weeks ago as the featured designer at Digi Night Out. It was fun to connect with local scrapbookers and my Mom even came with me. Meredith Cardall was a fabulous host and it was a well-planned and enjoyable event. If you are ever interested in attending, be sure to follow the Digi Night Out Facebook Page.

Because I was the featured designer, Meredith asked me to answer some questions about my personal, design, and creative life. I will share more of those details in some future posts, but I thought today would be a good day to share what I told that group about my scrapbooking habits and goals.

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Wedding weekend number 1

My daughter is getting married tomorrow. Wow! Did I really just type that? It's true though and we are all very excited. The ceremony and reception will take place in Southern Utah tomorrow and they will leave for their honeymoon before they end up back in Salt Lake City for a reception there on the 24th. One wedding spread out over two weekends. 

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