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Wedding weekend number 1

My daughter is getting married tomorrow. Wow! Did I really just type that? It's true though and we are all very excited. The ceremony and reception will take place in Southern Utah tomorrow and they will leave for their honeymoon before they end up back in Salt Lake City for a reception there on the 24th. One wedding spread out over two weekends. 

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Back in the saddle

My daughter is all settled away at school and my son starts a local college class tomorrow. After an extremely busy summer, I feel like I am finally able to get back in the saddle for blogging, memory keeping, and getting caught up on some personal projects. I never regret time spent with family and I wouldn't miss those opportunities for the world. But I'm also glad to be able to get back into a routine and spend some time pursuing some ideas I've been thinking about for months.

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Positive Altitude

This certainly isn't the best picture of me since I'm all hot and sweaty on a hike, but I still like it. Why? Well, there are many reasons. It was a beautiful evening and we were on a hike during golden hour.  My husband and I had some time alone with our daughter and we all enjoyed being together. Without even planning it, I also happened to be wearing the perfect t-shirt for the moment - Positive Altitude. I love Life is Good t-shirts and I wear them most days during the summer. More than anything, I like this photo because I was happy when it was taken. 

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