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Memory Monday - Recurring dreams

Toward the end of my senior year of high school, I had dreams almost every night that involved some sort of water situation. It was always something dramatic like me being tossed down a river while passing up people I knew, or being caught in a large tidal wave that swept me away. There were always people in peril that I could not help and I often was fighting for my own life as well.

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Memory Monday - Babysitting

I’m 12 years older than my brother Michael, and 19 years older than my brother Zachary. As a result of our big age differences, I spent a good deal of time as a babysitter, especially with Mike. I actually loved tending my brothers and enjoyed the time I spent with them. I have to say that I was an excellent babysitter. I even let my brother jump on my parents’ bed while they were away! Notice the joy on his face? That’s a kid who loves it when his big sister is in charge!

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