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Fall means family photo time

It just hit me last night that I better start planning a family photo session sometime soon. We always send out a photo card for our holiday greetings. This is something that my husband has always felt strongly about and I have to say I’m grateful to him for making me get myself in a family photo each year. There have been several times I tried to convince him that we could just use a picture of the kids and he wouldn’t have it. He is absolutely right on this and now it’s time again to try and get over my excuses and make this happen.

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Can't take pictures at the event? Try this trick!

There are several events and venues that don’t allow photography. You can’t snap photos during performances like plays and symphonies. You also are not allowed to take pictures during a movie. If you love to document these events, you might want to use one of my favorite tricks. Just hold up a program or ticket for the performance and take a picture of it before it begins.

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Love Your Photos - Storage

Last night, I taught a group of local friends about photography, photo organization, and how to enjoy their photo collections. It was a lot of fun and I’m excited to be able to share my handout here with all of you and also include some links. You can save this image to your own hard drive or phone. If you want to download the image + a PDF, you can download it for free right here from my shop.

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Finally done with Flickr

I’ve been a longtime fan of Flickr. I was practically a Flickr evangelist for a time! I have written posts here at The Daily Digi several years ago telling others why they needed to be on Flickr. I even set a recent goal for myself to start getting more involved with Flickr again. But then they went and changed things. Again. There have been a lot of changes with Flickr over the years and I knew there would be more coming after they were sold to SmugMug. For some reason, this is the one that has broken me. I’m feeling done with Flickr.

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What to Photograph

I’m always looking for creative inspiration for my photography so I decided to put together this fun little list to keep on my phone and to share with all of you. If you want to keep this on your phone, just save this image to your camera roll while viewing it on your mobile device. Or you can pin it or save the image to your own idea files. Whatever works best for you!

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