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Postcard Albums

I love to collect postcards! They are my favorite souvenir to buy because they are inexpensive, easy to pack, and filled with memories. Postcards are a great way to supplement the photos from a trip and include some of the shots that would be hard to get unless you are a professional photographer. They are also an easy way to add maps, art, and local flavor to your projects.

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SMASH Book of Travels

I’ve been “smashing” up our memories lately and putting all sorts of loose little pieces into SMASH books. I especially love our book of travels. I scan everything I can that I collect on trips so I can use it on digital scrapbook pages, but I don’t like to throw these types of treasures away. I’ve found Smashbooking to be the perfect answer for me and we all love to look through these books.

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Digi Day Out

Digi Night Out is usually a nighttime event (obviously) but Amber scheduled this one in the day since she knew a lot of people would need to travel a great distance to be there. One of the big reasons for having the event in Logan this time is so we could all meet Joyce Wans (of Digi Show fame) since she spends her summers in Logan. It was so fun to meet her! And she’s just as sweet and hilarious in real life as she was on the show!

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