Scrapping like a Scrapbook Lady

I went almost 2 months without creating a single scrapbook page. I knew I would be able to pick it right back up though once our summer was over because I have a comfortable and easy process in place now. I do most of my scrapping in the Project Life App these days. Even when I create a page digitally in Photoshop Elements, I keep it simple and use templates. I feel very happy with the way I scrap these days. In fact, it really doesn't feel like "scrapbooking" but more like creating collages and putting together memories.

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Free Printable Photography Cheat Sheets

My daughter is taking a college photography course this semester and I suspect she might have thought it would be one of her easier classes. After all, she is already a great photographer! She has a natural gift for great subjects and composition and she definitely has practiced over the years. However, she has never shot in manual mode and her professor is requiring that for all their assignments. No auto! 

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Back in the saddle

My daughter is all settled away at school and my son starts a local college class tomorrow. After an extremely busy summer, I feel like I am finally able to get back in the saddle for blogging, memory keeping, and getting caught up on some personal projects. I never regret time spent with family and I wouldn't miss those opportunities for the world. But I'm also glad to be able to get back into a routine and spend some time pursuing some ideas I've been thinking about for months.

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