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A few great resources

This post might seem a little off topic at first glance, but bear with me for a minute. For me, everything in life contributes to (or takes away from) my creativity. One of the ways I feel like I’m most creative is my ability to find and make use of great resources. I’ve found a few lately that I’m excited to share!

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A little of this and a little of that

Just a quick little post to let you all know that I’m still here. Some weeks are busier than others and I guess this is one of those crazy ones. This weekend is my daughter’s 22nd birthday so we will be celebrating with her and her hubby. So great to see them both again! If you want to see some beautiful wedding photos, be sure to check out my instagram post from a few days ago.

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Creative Clicks

I sat down in front of my computer last night and browsed through a lot of sites and links that I haven't visited in a while since I've been busy with wedding adventures. If was fun to open up my feedly feed and spend some time getting caught up. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds with you today!

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Those who have the ability have the responsibility

I really like the movie National Treasure. I know that there are some inaccuracies and improbabilities in it (you can visit this website if you want to nitpick the movie!) but it is a clean movie with adventure and excitement based on the Declaration of Independence. Now what's wrong with that? And even though Nicolas Cage is a pretty strange dude, I still like him.

Cage's character Benjamin Franklin Gates says this quote in the movie.

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