Planning memory album displays

I’ve been searching Pinterest and the internet to try to find pictures of several photobook albums displayed on a bookshelf. I’ve had a hard time finding what I’m looking for. Maybe nobody has completed that many? lol! Or maybe they just haven’t thought to take a picture of them on a shelf. Most online images of photo books seem to share what the inside looks like. Of course, I’m very interested in that too - but I have been trying to figure out what I want my bookshelf to look like when I have multiple albums finished because that will influence what I decide to use for the covers. It’s a way to scrap with the end in mind.

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the month that was

I’m always grateful for my monthly roundup habits and my favorite way to use these prompts is right on a scrapbook page. I love adding details to my THIS MONTH cards and putting them all on a page with photos and a few fun cards to make it complete. Here’s what July looked like:

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Planning Pocket Page Spreads

I received a question the other day that I think is worth sharing. I imagine that several people have felt this same sort of apprehension about how to tackle the whole thing and make it cohesive. Here’s the actual comment:

Late to the game here, but...I bought a huge bunch of PL/pocket page protectors, and am having issues. I "thought" I'd like this form of scrapbooking, but...

HOW on Earth does one plan these pages? I've watched lots of videos about PL/pocket page scrapping, but none explain how to plan the pages. I can do one side, but then the next side... I'm seriously regretting making this purchase. :( Maybe you can explain how you plan both side of these pages!

I have a couple of ideas that I’m hoping will help this reader and others who feel this way as well.

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July is ending

For a long month, July sure did speed by! I’m getting ready to do my own personal roundup of the month’s events and I wanted to remind you that this is the perfect opportunity to take some time to document your own life. You can start this process at any time and you don’t have to do it every single month - although you will be glad if you are regular about it. Just look over the prompts and answer a few questions. Easy peasy!

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