10 ways to boost your creativity

Do you feel like you could use a creative boost? I've been feeling that way lately and I decided to remind myself that there are several easy and fun ways to refresh my creative energy. I even put them into this handy list to share with you!

10 ways to boost creativity.PNG

1.     Go somewhere new.  It's always invigorating to take in some new surroundings. We get bored with the same old views and when we visit new places, we often find a new appreciation for home as well. 

salt lake.jpeg

2. Write! Write your memoirs, journal about your day, write down a recipe, just write! The act of putting pen to paper or tapping out your thoughts on a keyboard is creativity in one of it's purest forms. 


3. Get out the art supplies. Don't be afraid to use paper, pens, crayons, markers, paints, etc. In this technological world, we have lost touch with the tactile experience of making a creative mess. 

color pencil.jpeg

4. Make something with your phone, tablet, or computer. That might seem contradictory to the last list item, but why miss out on all the cool ways you can let technology give you a creative edge. 


5. Read. Reading is a creative activity and I have found that nothing gets my brain going better than a good book! I've learned and re-learned that books are so important to my happiness, creativity, and overall quality of life


6. Listen to something uplifting. Music often inspires creativity, or perhaps a motivational talk or fun audiobook is just the ticket. I love listening to the Harry Potter book series on Audible. I never realized until I became a regular on The Digi Show how many people listen to and love podcasts. They are great resources and fun to listen to!


7. Capture life. Take a picture, sketch a scene, write a description of something around you. Remember that each and EVERY person has a unique perspective and it's worth capturing. You can capture things that nobody else can!


8. Watch something that sparks your creativity. It might be a movie or tutorials, but whatever gets those wheels turning is worth watching! I love to watch shows where people are creating something amazing.


9. Challenge yourself. One of the methods I use to pull myself out of a creative funk is to join or create a challenge to follow. Using someone else's prompts or following an existing framework of ideas takes the stress out of planning creativity and lets you focus more on the fun. 


10. Laugh at life. I think a sense of humor is one of the most important ways to open yourself up to a creative existence. Laughter makes everything more fun! If you've been around here very long, you know that I love a good giggle!


So be sure to pin or bookmark this post for the next time you are feeling low in the creativity department. Then pick one of these 10 easy topics and work through some of the ideas. I'm sure it will give you just the boost you need!