17 before 2017

I've been in need of a motivation boost lately to get me back on track with my One Little Word for this year - PROGRESS. It's so easy at this time of year to just let goals fade away because you tell yourself you will hit it hard again at the first of the year. I don't want to do that. I want to finish strong! So I was happy to find just the prompt I needed from Boho Berry.

Here are 17 things I want to accomplish before 2017 arrives:

  1. Learn to use my Apple Pencil. All I've done is try it out a few times. I would like to become proficient with it. 
  2. Finish and print 2 photo books. I'm about halfway done on 2 different books and I would like to get them done.
  3. Make it to my first weight loss goal. I have decided to divide the big chunk (and I mean this literally) of weight I need to lose into smaller increments. My first goal stop is reaching a number I haven't seen in a few years. It's a lofty goal to take on mid-October with all the food holidays coming up. The truth is, I can't wait til the new year on this one. I'm very uncomfortable with where I'm at and I know it's not good for my health. It's a reachable goal - but it will take some real effort.
  4. Exercise at least 36 times. Why this number? Well, there are about 12 weeks left in the year and if I exercise about 3 times a week, I can hit that number. It would be a significant improvement for me and hopefully it will help me with #3 on my list.
  5. Read 6 books. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to read 30 books this year. I was totally on fire with this and I read 23 books by the end of May. This summer, I fell off the wagon big time! I want to get back on track and meet my original challenge number. 
  6. Clean out our mudroom cupboards. We have 5 locker-style cupboards by our back door and I love them. Somehow, they have become very cluttered and this item has been on my list all year. Time to get it done!
  7. Clean out my garden beds. I have 5 big garden beds and the season is almost over. Time to clear them out and get the soil ready for the winter.
  8. Buy and set up a new iPhone. I've got my eye on the iPhone 7 plus with lots of storage. Come to mama!
  9. Organize my daughter's closet. When she left on her mission almost a year ago, there were some stacks of clothing and items that needed to be sorted through. We never got to it because we ran out of time. Her closet has become a dumping ground for me and it's gotten out of control. She will be home in a little more than 6 months and I don't want to be stressing about that all the way up until her arrival. I'm giving myself a year-end deadline to get this area functional again.
  10. Try 6 new recipes. I picked the number six because that would mean I could try 2 new recipes a month and still make the goal. I'm bored with food right now and could use some new ideas to add into our regular rotations.
  11. Finish 2 online classes. I've signed up for several in the past but I have a few recent ones that I'm excited to work on. I'll be blogging about these in the near future.
  12. Finish my own Photo Rescue project. I actually started tackling my own HUGE project right before Becky Higgins came out with her Project Photo Rescue. Like two weeks before hers came out. Great minds think alike, right? I adapted some of her ideas with my own and made huge progress. I sorted about 23 years of photos, memorabilia, and scrapbook pages and started making a plan for what to do with all of it. Then I quit. I had to put it all away so we could function in our house again and I never got it back out. I would say I'm about 80% done with what I hoped to accomplish. I know I can wrap up the rest before the year ends.
  13. Update my Smash Books. I'm not very far behind so this will be an easy one.
  14. Update my phone contacts and figure out how to keep them synced with my computer. Seriously, I've had major problems with this. I use outlook and it seems like my phone and that program like to battle each other for control of my contact list.
  15. Update my online gallery. It's been a long time since I've done this and I have quite a few layouts that I would like to add there.
  16. Freshen up my About Page and do some general housekeeping on my blog.
  17. Learn to use (and review) three apps and/or programs. I love trying out apps on my devices and figuring out how I can use them to streamline my memory keeping and my life.

Um, I guess I better go get busy now! That ended up being quite the list! It was a great exercise though and now I feel like I have a clearer direction of what I want to accomplish in the last few months of this year. I highly recommend making your own list!