My plans for 2015




I’m back to blogging after a wonderful holiday break. We actually spent Christmas in Hawaii! I’ve shared a few photos on instagram, and I’m excited to start scrapbooking those memories as soon as possible.

I love the promise of a new year and the possibilities ahead! I am looking forward to getting back into my routine of sharing daily tips and creations here. I’ve been busy making goals and plans for 2015 and I will be sharing more details here in my posts. For now, I thought I would give you a bit of a peek into some of the tools I will be using to help me accomplish the things I want to do.

Simple Scrapper Premium Membership. I’m loving the regular inspiration that Jennifer Wilson and her community provide for me. I participated in her Start Fresh program last January (included free with membership) and I’m looking forward to the new workshop that starts this week. If you aren’t a member, you ought to consider it.

Shooting with Soul by Allesandra Cave. I’ve blogged about this book before and I’ve decided to use it as a creative guide for experimenting with my photography this year.

Capture Your 365 Idea Lists. I’m going to be using Katrina’s monthly lists to inspire my daily photo taking. I’m not going to worry about doing every single prompt, but I’m excited to use this great resource on a more regular basis.

The Digi Files & Playbook. There just isn’t a better deal out there than this membership. You get $50 worth of digital designs each month + an interactive pdf idea book for only $7.50 or less each month. The daily blog is also filled with tips and ideas. Oh, and I have a set of templates in The Digi Files this month so be sure to check them out!

I’ve also joined in on the monthly subscriptions for Mixed Media and Memory Pockets at The Lily Pad. I love both of these styles of scrapbooking, even though they are very different from each other. I’m going to try harder to be part of the communities that come with these memberships.

Mobile Memory Keeping. I’m going to do more storytelling with my mobile devices. I love this project that Steph started in December and I want to keep things quick and simple as much as possible. This is the only way I will document memories, but it will be an important tool for me to add into my arsenal.

That is an overview of the sources that I will be turning to this year. Of course, there are many more ideas that I want to share and be a part of as well. Lots of good stuff to look forward to!

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