So brave

She's off to begin her mission. All I could think about yesterday was how brave she is to go and do such a big thing. My heart is bursting with joy and sadness and a hundred other emotions!  


In many ways, it doesn't feel real yet. It honestly seems like she will just be home in a few days. It gets hard when I tell myself that it's going to be a long time before I see her again. So I'm trying to follow the advice that I gave her by taking it one day at a time - or even one hour at a time when it's overwhelming. Instead of worrying about making it 18 months, I'm just thinking about getting through this day. Right now, my focus is on spending a nice day with Alex and enjoying my parents before they head home tomorrow. I'm trying to think about where to eat lunch. How to keep my mind busy. What to send her in her first care package. Little things.

And of course, I'll be doing all I can to document this exciting time in her life as a way to stay close with her. That makes us both happy. I can't wait til we get our first letter from her!