Pumpkin time

I love photographing pumpkins and I'm always on the lookout for photo-ops when I'm out and about this time of year. They are so colorful and full of visual interest and they hold perfectly still when you snap pictures of them. Perfect!

I was especially pleased when Whole Foods had a sign with some pumpkin facts sitting next to their outdoor pumpkin display.


My mom and daughter painted pumpkins together last week before Riley left on her mission. They turned out so cute!


Pumpkins and flowers are a favorite combination for me. This photo was taken at Gardner Village last week on a very crowded and bright day!


Here's a better pumpkin + flower photo from a few years ago

It's so beautiful to find variations in pumpkin color. Aren't the green ones beautiful?!

Of course, my favorite pumpkin has to be the 105 pound beauty that Riley grew back in 2012 in our little raised garden bed. That was amazing!

Have you taken any pumpkin pictures yet this year? I think I need a few more for my collection!

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