Amazon Addiction

With prepping my daughter to leave on a mission, back-to-back birthdays for my kids, and planning for some upcoming entertaining, I've had a lot of excuses to shop online. While I do order from other sites, I would say that about 90% of my online shopping is done on amazon. We are prime members so we use amazon all the time - even for everyday purchases like shaving cream. It's just so convenient! Lately, I'm pretty sure that my UPS guy thinks I'm a total addict (he might be right) because I'm getting stacks like this on a very regular basis!


In fact, this was the second delivery of the day for me yesterday. It's a little embarrassing really.

So what I have I been buying you ask? I thought it might be fun to show you a few of my purchases. It's all pretty random!

These Wonder Hangers are so nice! They are very sturdy and aren't like all the cheap multi hangers in stores. They provide a very compact way to hang 6 tops in the space of one hanger on the rod. My daughter will be taking a few of these with her to make the most of her closet space. I ordered some for us to use with our off season clothing as well. 

In my quest to help my daughter maximize her clothing storage, I hunted for the best hangers to use with the wonder hanger system that would also be lightweight and sturdy enough for repeated packing. I really like these velvet covered metal hangers. They are very thin, but extremely strong. Clothing doesn't slip off of them and they don't cause harsh hanger lines in delicate blouses and dresses. It's amazing how happy little things like this make me. LOL!

These Faber-Castell pencils are for me because I love coloring. I wanted to find a really nice set of pencils that packed up nicely in a case. These are pricey, but I think they are the best pencils I've tried. The case is just perfect also. It's not a huge set, but it seems to have all the colors I need.

It's a little crazy how much time and research I put into finding the perfect pencil sharpener to use for my colored pencils. I don't like packing around a messy sharpener and I hate it when my leads break because of the way they were sharpened. I read several reviews and determined that this was the best of the best and it's true. Fabulous little sharpener! My only wish is that it was a little flatter instead of round so it was easier to pack, but it's small enough that it really doesn't matter.

Star Wars RISK was a birthday present for my son and he is super excited about it! His birthday is today so we haven't played it yet, but if you have a Star Wars buff or a game fanatic in your house, this would be a great holiday gift. I'm betting it takes a long time to play since RISK is a long game, but it looks like great fun!

I guess it means you are a bit strange if you get this excited about a laundry bag, but this is the best! I bought it for my daughter because it's super lightweight and foldable. I didn't realize that it would be so well made and I love that it stands up straight and stays open. It's a fabulous choice for a college student or someone who needs to go to a laundromat. We like it so much that we are going to order more for the rest of us to use because it's so easy to carry into the laundry room.

After a lifetime of dealing with cheap and crappy luggage, we got serious about getting our family outfitted with a great set of suitcases. Wle each have a 21 inch size (works as a carry on size), a 25 inch size, and a 29 inch size. The best thing is that all 3 suitcases store inside each other (like nesting dolls) so you can store 3 pieces of luggage in the space of one. So much easier to store! It took us several months to get all the pieces purchased so we each had a set, but now that we are all adults, I thought it was a good investment. I originally saw these pieces on Kelly Purkey's blog and she is a major world traveler so I knew they must be good. I can tell you that they are! In the 6 months we've had them, our sets have been to Europe, Oregon, three trips to Cedar City and a few other random local trips and they still look brand new! My husband has taken about 6 business trips with his in addition to our family trips and his set looks just as new as the rest of ours. I highly recommend these!

That's just a small sampling of some of my shopping. The UPS guy may be right in thinking I have a problem, but I can quit at any time. Right? LOL!

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