Coloring Folder

I'm so in love with these MochiThings pouches and I keep thinking of new uses for them! You might remember the letter writing kit I put together for my daughter? Well, I totally wanted one for myself, but I don't write a ton of letters except to her. I did like the idea of putting together a small assortment of cards and stamps and I decided to also use this folder to keep my coloring supplies all together. I rarely color when sitting at my desk (computer is too tempting!), but I like to be able to grab my folder and sit down in the kitchen or take it on a trip to enjoy some coloring time. It's so relaxing!


I prefer the Better Together Note Pouch v5. I do realize it's pretty expensive, but this is not just an ordinary folder. It is very sturdy and has many features. Some people use it for a macbook air cover. It's really nice!

I also am still loving my Faber-Castell set of pencils and I am especially pleased with the packaging on this set because it's very portable and easy to pack. I just slip it in the front pocket of the pouch to keep everything together.


Here's what I keep inside:

  • I have 2 sets of colored pens for fun doodling and writing notes and letters. I have a set of Staedtler pens which I really like and a set of Uchida LePen pens that for some reason are just my favorite pens to use. They don't take up much room so I keep both sets in the folder.
  • Under the flap, I also have some mechanical pencils and erasers.
  • A Katie Daisy notebook that I love. Such a pretty design and it's not too thick, but still sturdy.
  • Sticky note folder (checklist) from MochiThings. The notes are so cute and I love that the little folder keeps them neat and organized.
  • MAMBI happy planner stickers to decorate letters and envelopes to send to my daughter, or sometimes I just send her a sheet of stickers to use for her own planner or correspondence.
  • The office envelope behind the stickers has pre-printed address labels for my daughter and family members and return address stickers for us.
  • The manila pocket folder holds my coloring sheets that have all been photocopied onto white cardstock. I like the sturdier page because they are easier to color on and they don't get wrinkled. I don't like carrying full books around. You might think it's funny that I make copies of the pages, but then I don't feel so much pressure if I goof up on a page. That was keeping me from coloring for a long time because I didn't want to "ruin" the book.

Many of the coloring pages I use are from the books I blogged about from Skyhorse Publishing. I also have a few books from Paige Tate that I love as well. 


I also threw in some cards and stamps. I like to keep a supply of thank you cards in the folder as well. 


As you can probably tell, the organizing of the supplies is just as rewarding for me (maybe more?) than actually using them. I've always been that way for some reason. I think it's a good trait because I get to enjoy steps that some people dread.

Now I just want to put my coloring pouch into a backpack and head off somewhere to color for hours on end!

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