Remember when...

I'm just a tad sentimental these days. I'm missing my daughter (who has been gone a month as of tomorrow), but I'm also happy for her and excited that she is having new adventures. Our family is evolving and embracing a new "normal". 

I've also been scrapbooking a lot lately and sometimes I get lost in the memories. It's so good to delve into all the photos and momentos that I've filed away and put them in a format that will enable them to live on. I truly believe in the power of scrapbooking!

This is an older video from 2011, but it still touches me. It's a great reminder to share our memories. You can watch it here on

Are you passing on your memories? No matter what format you use, put your photos with your words and gift them as a gift to those you love!

Katie Nelson3 Comments