December has arrived!

December is always a great month of making memories and there are many things that I look forward during this time of year. 

Here's what I'm excited about for the month ahead:

  • LEGO Advent calendars! We've been enjoying this tradition since 2009 and we would have started sooner if we had only known they existed before then. Every year we purchase the LEGO City Advent Calendar and ever since they introduced the Star Wars version in 2011, we have been getting that one too. It used to be that my son would have the Star Wars calendar and my daughter would have the City calendar. My daughter has moved on (literally) so I will be taking over the duties of managing the City Advent. Let's be honest here, I really was the one who wanted the calendar in the first place anyway. LOL! If you don't have one, you might still be able to pick one up at your local Target store, on amazon, or at a nearby LEGO store. They are already sold out on the LEGO website.

We will also be building the latest addition to the LEGO Christmas village + getting caught up on a few packages from previous years. If you want to follow along with our holiday LEGO fun, you might enjoy my Toy to the World instagram account. 

  • The new Star Wars movie. Really! I know it might seem silly, but it will be a big pop culture event and I love how so many generations love Star Wars. I was in the LEGO store the other day (surprise!) and I heard a five year old girl, her Mom, the clerk (who was probably in his twenties) and an older gentleman all talking about how excited they were about the new movie. I think that's pretty cool! My son and I have been watching and reviewing all the Star Wars movie in numerical order to prepare for this new release. It's been a lot of fun and he is SO excited to see the new movie! If you want to read our reviews (Alex's are particularly awesome!) you can find them all in the Star Wars section of our Toy to the World blog.
  • I am actually excited about other things besides toys. I love the photography opportunities in December. Nothing like taking pictures of vibrant reds and greens and twinkling lights. I always follow along with Katrina Kennedy's Capture Your 365 prompts at this time of year to get ideas. I don't always participate and post but I would like to do more of that. I posted a few #CY365 photos on instagram in December and they were actually picked as features on the Capture Your 365 official feed! Plus, I was a guest host for a prompt on November 6th. So fun! Here's this December's list:
  • December is also a great month for scrapbooking and documenting memories. There are many great prompts and projects around for inspiration. Of course, Ali Edwards really is the originator of the idea of putting together a daily scrapbook to document events during the month of December. Someone else may have done this earlier, but she certainly popularized it and is responsible for getting it into the mainstream. I've followed along with her for many years and varied my participation from a full album to just a few pages. I'll dabble a little bit in it this year and certainly use the products and ideas within my own photobooks and albums. I have purchased several of the digital kits and I have many of Ali's own December designs from years past as well. I still love looking at the pages I've created because of the December Daily project!
  • Decorating our Christmas tree. I'll be blogging more about this as I do something that is a bit unique. We started a new tradition in 2013 of picking a different theme for our tree that reflects a big memory in our life during that year. I want to document the last few trees we've done and I'll share this year's tree as well. I bet some of you can guess what the theme will be if you think about what has happened in our life this year!

What are YOU looking forward to this month? Even if you don't celebrate any holidays, it's a great practice to look ahead at the calendar and think about what is ahead and what you want to document. Make a list in a planner or as a social media post and share your ideas with others. I'd also love to hear about them if you want to leave me a comment. I'm always inspired by all of you!