Rollip - Picks & Tricks

This is an old site, but I still use it from time to time. is a free website where you can alter your own digital photos and download them in high resolution size. It's nice that you can use this tool in your browser and you don't have to purchase an app or anything. I've played with it on my PC and on my iPad as well and had great results!

I'll show you some of my own photos and how they look after I played with them on rollip's site. All of these photos are from our trip to Europe this past spring. I'll post the original image first and then the one I created using the tools at rollip.

Gotta love European parking. LOL! Here's the same photo with a white square border and a dark filter.

This photo makes me long for cobblestone streets and open air markets! I didn't want to change much about this shot, but I thought a vintage "polaroid" style frame would be fun.

Old buildings look great with an old filter!

An incredible sunset on the Rhine River. Hard to beat that! It was fun to add some sunset flare though.

My favorite feature is that you can download the high resolution size photo for free. This is a simple tool, but it's easy to access and the price is right!