Christmas trees to remember - 2013

We started a new family tradition in 2013 after we moved into our new house. We decided that we were tired of the same old Christmas tree decorations after 20+ years and we brainstormed about how to make our tree more memorable. We decided it would be fun to have our Christmas tree represent a big memory (or memories) from the year that was ending. Because 2013 was all about getting our house finished and then organized and decorated, a construction tree was the perfect fit!

This was an easy tree to put together and barely cost anything to decorate. The best part was the paint chip garland we made from the paint chip deck we used when choosing our paint colors.

I went to Lowe's and picked up outlet and light switch plate covers to use as ornaments. I also had some clear plastic ball ornaments from the LEGO Store and I filled those with construction worker LEGO minifigures that I already owned. We finished it off with a few toy tractors around the base.

Everyone who came into our home commented on what a fun and unique idea it was to have a tree like this. We really enjoyed it and decided the tradition was here to stay.

One tradition that died that year though was getting a live tree. I love that it looked like the trees we planted in our new backyard, but I hated cleaning up the needles every day. My husband adores live trees but I told him I couldn't do it any more. 

Goodbye live tree!