Christmas trees to remember - 2014

After our construction tree in 2013, we were excited for a new memory tree for 2014. The obvious theme for us was a Hawaii Christmas tree since that was the year we bagged the traditional Utah snowy holiday and spent Christmas on the beach in Hawaii instead. That was awesome!

You might think it's too expensive to do a different tree each year, but we keep it very simple. I try to use things we already have around the house if possible and if I need to buy anything for the tree, I like it to be something we can get other uses out of. You usually can't say that about Christmas ornaments! We used all the decorations on this tree a few times during 2015 when we hosted dinner parties. The lei garland with cheap sunglasses and drink umbrellas made the perfect table runner centerpiece for a few different occasions. The tree skirt was a hula table skirt and my hubby actually wore it to a company Hawaiian theme party a few months later. I had no idea how much use I would get out of these decorations! I bought most of our supplies at Oriental Trading Company. I got the cute Hawaiian shirt cocktail napkins at Hobby Lobby. I would guess that I spent about $40 total on everything.

The best part of our Hawaiian Christmas Tree is that we didn't wake up to it on Christmas morning. Instead, we got to wake up to these beautiful trees instead!

We all agree that it was our best Christmas ever!