Top Topics for 2015

I  really love the end of the year because it's such a great time to reflect on the memories and events that have happened. I'm always on the lookout for end of year lists to use in my scrapbooks to help me document what went on in the world around me. 


I found this site from Facebook (but you don't have to be on Facebook to see it) interesting. It confirmed my feelings that this has been a very "heavy" year. All I can say is thank goodness for Star Wars (and football I guess) to bring something else to the virtual water-cooler to talk about!


As you surf the web and social media channels over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for year end lists to use in your own memory keeping. Bookmark them, save images (it's generally ok to do this for personal use), and use your snipping tool or screenshot captures to get the details. It's a great way to add a more complete story to your own records!

Katie Nelson2 Comments