Ducks and Hawks

Did you know I went to a NHL Hockey game over Thanksgiving weekend? It was the first time my son and I have attended a NHL game. My husband has been to a few of them over the years. We were near Anaheim so we decided at the last minute to go to the Ducks game. Jeff and Alex were so excited that the they were playing the Chicago Blackhawks because they have been fans for years. I think the goalie on the Ducks team is cool because he has a LEGO guy on his helmet. 

Well, we had a great time and Chicago ended up winning. The best part for me was getting to be there with my guys. We bought Ducks jerseys and that confused the people around us since we were cheering for the Hawks, but we also like the Ducks and their jerseys are cool.

I scrapbooked this page the same day we went to the game using the Project Life app on my iPhone on the way back to the hotel. I kept it simple and just used a journaling card from the Desktop Edition in the app. You just can't beat mobile scrapping!

I'm a NBA basketball fan at heart, but I enjoyed the hockey game. I would definitely go to another one which is good news for the guys in my family!


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