Reindeer Bark

This post originally appeared on my blog in December of 2009 so it's an oldie (but a goodie)! I still love this festive bark and it's great for neighbor gifts. 

Reindeer Corn Bark:

I found the recipe from this blog and after making 5 batches of the stuff, I have it down to a science. I learned the hard way that if you add the holiday Oreos (with the red middles) that it colors the bark pink. That is ok I guess, but I like the look of the white bark. I also found that if you use double stuff Oreos, the bark is even yummier! My guess is that all that extra "stuff" gets melted into the bark and makes it even sweeter. I love how festive this looks and it also tastes good. Even my hubby likes it and he is usually not real big on candy type sweets.

 The reindeer corn is Christmas colored candy corn. We have plenty of this at our local grocery store (in Utah), but my Mom says she has a hard time finding it in New Mexico. Hopefully, you will be able to find some in your area. I also sprinkled holiday sprinkles on top to make it more colorful. Don't add them in the bark while you are mixing thing up though because the colors will smear. Just shake some on top after you spread it all out. Also, save some of the candy corn to sprinkle on top because it looks a lot more colorful that way.

Then all you need to do is break it into chunky pieces and put it into cute little gift bags or boxes.

So pretty and festive!


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