Why #throwbackthursday is my favorite hashtag

I personally believe #throwbackthursday is the most useful hashtag I've ever encountered. It inspires me to find an old photo to share and when I do that, the memories come rushing back. Taking a few minutes to write about an old picture (even if it's just on Instagram) is a wonderful thing. Nobody else would understand why I captured this moment or all the background information related with it. I even surprised myself with what I came up with when I started writing about this photo.


#throwbackthursday to 1997. I was always trying to engage Alex in activities that encouraged him to "use his words" (so hard to believe that such a chatty guy didn't used to talk much). This was a project called monster toast that I found in Parents Magazine. You painted bread with colored milk and then toasted it. Also, I sewed those Looney Tunes pajamas and the apron. We lived in a 50 year old house that had every square inch of wall space covered in multiple layers of wallpaper. Our table was so scratched up and ugly that I always had to keep a tablecloth on it. Our kitchen was hideous. We only had one car and I pushed Alex and Riley in a double stroller for a mile each way to take Alex to a special needs preschool class. It was a hard time in our life, but I don't even care about that when I look at this picture. I'm just grateful to remember that in the midst of all that craziness, I took a picture because I wanted to remember that moment. Even on the most difficult of days, I knew it was a blessing to be a Mom. I still feel that way and I would never trade that for anything!

If you are Instagram (or Facebook, or any other social media sharing network), I encourage you to play along with #throwbackthursday. If you don't feel comfortable sharing these memories publicly, at least do it for yourself. Or you could even email the picture and thoughts to someone who would enjoy them. It would make their day!