My February on a page

I've finished page 1 of my Roundup layout and page 2 will contain a few more personal photos and some journaling. I felt like keeping it simple this month and finished is even better than fancy in my book!

Here are a few details about my life in February:

  • I started eating healthy and exercising. It's time to get real about taking care of myself and losing some weight. I'm proud of myself for going strong on this for 3 weeks so far and for having the desire to continue on this journey.
  • I completely redesigned this website and blog at If you are reading in a rss reader, hop on over to the actual url to check things out. There's even a gallery!
  • My daughter asked a friend to an upcoming Sadie Hawkins (girls choice) dance and he said yes.
  • We got a new passport for my daughter. The last time we got passports was in 2008 and because she was so young, hers only lasted for 5 years. We have plans to use our passports when we celebrate her high school graduation soon.
  • We stayed downtown at The Grand America for a night because of a special event we attended.
  • We "celebrated" Valentines Day with my husband getting the stomach flu and my son and I completely cleaned out and rearranged his book shelves. Oh, and I did a lot of laundry and housecleaning that day too. So exciting!
  • My daughter got an ear infection. My son got a sinus infection. I got strep throat. Ugh!
  • We had an unseasonably warm month and hardly any snow. Very unusual winter for us in Utah.
  • We watched the Super Bowl as a family and were disappointed that Seattle lost. 
  • My kids and I started watching season 2 of Survivor. My son really loves the idea of going back through all the old seasons to watch them. It's neat to see how much the show has evolved.
  • I watched The Dream Team with my hubby and daughter.
  • I watched several Utah Jazz games with my husband. They are a young team that doesn't always win, but they are fun to watch.
  • We had dinner with 2 families in our neighborhood and had a lot of fun getting to know them better.
  • Hubby and I went out to dinner with another couple in our neighborhood and had a great time with them. Nice to go on a date!
  • We hosted a dinner for 2 young ladies visiting our area and enjoyed a nice evening with them.

Another busy month is in the books now. Bring on March!

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