Things to think about

I'm always on the lookout for interesting articles and ideas related to memory keeping. The internet produces a lot of reading material each day and only some of it ends up being really useful. I've waded through a bunch of links and sorted out some favorites to share. I think you will agree that all of these are worth a read!


  • Ransomware criminals demand money for family photos. Ok, this one will scare you. It certainly makes me nervous to think that there are scumbags out there who will do this kind of stuff. It's just another reason why it's SOOOO important to have your photos stored in more than one place!


  • A photographer's story related to the ransomware criminal problem. He gives some good advice on how to protect yourself from this situation.


  • PRINT your photos! This warning from Google Vice President Vint Cerf got a lot of media attention a few weeks ago and it's worth repeating. Don't let your photos only live in digital homes. You never know what will happen to that technology. Also, see the above story for another reason. Get your photos printed. Get your digital layouts and/or photobooks printed. Enjoy your memories!


  • A new study shows that photo sharing is hurting our enjoyment of life. I both agree and disagree with this article because I really think it comes down to finding the right balance. Photos are wonderful. The act of taking photos is wonderful. Sharing photos can be wonderful. Too much focus on any one of these things can get in the way of real life though. It's usually best to focus on the people and places you are with when you are with them. However, it's also wonderful to capture the memories. Balance!