It's good for you

There are scientific studies that show crafting is good for your mental health. I believe it! I think your brain is happier when your hands are creating something wonderful.


Of course, it's easy to understand how this applies to crafting in general. The connection between hands-on projects like painting, cooking, sewing, knitting, etc. are easy to see. I also believe that there are many ways to be creative and that the act of creating something is what really feeds the mind doses of happiness.

  • My son writes (types) and this gives him great satisfaction and joy. He also daydreams and has an active imagination. He loves to read. 
  • My daughter knits. Or does fun things with her friends. She also loves to come up with new ways of doing things. She likes to take pictures.
  • We teased my husband that his way of having fun is to work, but in a way that's true and that's fine for him. He likes to think of new ways to solve problems. He has big ideas and puts them into place and makes them work. He is a great organizer. He also loves to be active and finds happiness in that.
  • I used to sew and cross-stitch and I still like the idea of them, but that isn't where my creativity lives right now. I'm OK with that. As you know from this blog, I really love anything related to memories. Digital scrapbooking, photography, journaling, SMASH-booking, blogging, and even the concessional stamping or card making project.  

We need these activities to feed our souls. Heck, I need them to stay sane most days! I love that I have creative outlets to help me feel alive. I'm happy that I have taught my children to enjoy their own talents. They know when they are feeling down that they can take matters into their own hands - literally- and get busy making something that makes them happy. 

Next time you feel sad, get creative!