I want that!

Napoleon Dynamite was released more than 10 years ago, but I still love quoting this line.

When I see something that I really want, I love to pull out the "I want that" in a quiet whisper. I'm cool like that. 

Here are a few things that I've been wanting lately:

I don't even need a new printer right now but I've still got the gimmies for this one. It's a newer model of the printer that Peppermint always raved about on The Digi Show. It's sleek. It's white. It's supposed to be awesome. But my old printer keeps chugging along and doing a pretty good job. How am I supposed to justify this? I also print most of my photos professionally through Persnickety Prints. It's definitely in the "want" category. 

When my Mom was here for a visit, she introduced me to the world of fancy coloring books for grownups. I had no idea that these were a "thing" right now and they look so fun and artsy. She loves coloring in them and I can see how they would be addicting. I reeeeaaaallly don't need another hobby, but I'm tempted to pick some up! This Secret Garden book is especially beautiful and ornate.

The coloring books aren't too pricey, but if you want a big set of colored pencils to go with them, that can add up. This looks like a pretty good deal though so I'm thinking about this set. Of course, everyone raves about coloring with Copic Markers but I just can't swallow the price on them. Are they really that amazing?

What's on your want list right now? Anything I should know about? lol!