Adding PNG files in the OVER App

I'm pretty excited about this fun little graphic because I created it on my phone using a PNG file.

Supplies are from Mixed Media Monthly March 2015 kit from The Lily Pad

You might wonder why this is a big deal? Glad you asked!

  • The OVER app exports finished projects in a nice size resolution that works well for printing. This piece exported as 2048x2048 pixels.
  • The OVER App is available for both Apple and Android phones. 
  • Being able to add png files on top of pictures or papers right on your phone or tablet opens up a whole new avenue of mobile memory keeping and creativity. You can add png files in the Project Life app, but they have to go in their own slot in a template. You can't layer them on top of something else. The layering is what changes the game here. And the nice file resolution size.
  • You can email yourself png files and then download them on your device. Or you can load them in dropbox and use them. That's what I do with the Project Life App. I'm a big believer in Dropbox these days.

Now, if they would just add the ability to add shadows, we could effectively digi scrap in full glory on our mobile devices. It's getting closer! If you don't need shadows, it's here now!

The png+ option is a paid upgrade ($1.99). The app itself is $1.99 as well. So it will cost you a few bucks to get going, but it's well worth it in my opinion. You can also add in-app purchases for extra font and artwork packs. It's a great app for creating and includes some nice features such as:

- access to dozens of beautiful fonts
- several Over exclusive fonts
- useful illustrations from renowned artists
- full resolution exporting
- precision text editing
- line and character spacing
- text and artwork rotation
- transparency adjustment
- text nudging
- multiple sharing options 

I'm excited about the possibilities!