Getting Creative with Planners

It's interesting to me that in this age of digital and online everything, that paper planners have made such a comeback. When I was a young adult, Franklin Planners were a big deal. In college, I remember a lot of people carrying around planners. Of course, they weren't all that cute back then, but they were sort of a badge of organized pride. Suddenly, they are back and now they are often works of art and more like creative journals instead of just a calendar and lists.

I'm not giving up my online scheduling any time soon, but even I have been bitten by the planner bug. I use mine to keep track of my creative projects and I love it!  

I'm also intrigued by all the creative and artful planners I've seen popping up everywhere. It seems that these have become a mixture of scrapbooks and smashbooks and art journals. I think it's great fun, if that is what keeps you motivated.

I've started a Pinterest board just for creative planners and I've found some great inspiration to share. You'll find links to these and several other awesome resources by visiting that board.

Now if there was just a fun way to make my Outlook calendar look pretty! lol!