Fun to follow on Instagram

This post is really for my Mom because she thinks Instagram is kind of boring. It would be if you weren't following fun people, so I thought I would help her out by suggesting some of my favorites. Maybe some of you feel the same way?

Some of my favorite accounts to follow:

  • Becky Higgins - who seems to be a master at all things related to social media. I love her Instagram account because I get news about new Project Life goodies, peeks into her everyday life, and great Arizona photographs. She posts a good mix of content that I enjoy.

  • Over App - I'm a big fan of words + beautiful images and I get a lot of ideas from this account. It's like eye candy for me!

  • Persnickety Prints - Chari makes this account so fun and if you have ever met her, that won't surprise you because she is full of positive energy. There are posts about useful phone photography apps, printing tips, upcoming sales, and her own adventures.

  • Kelly Purkey - Her pictures always just make me happy. Her travel and food photos are amazing and her life is fascinating. She's pretty much always traveling. Who does that? She's young, beautiful, and super talented. I live vicariously through her. lol!

  • The Delicious - this is a more recent find for me. I have a thing for food photography and this account is filled with incredible pictures of vibrant and beautiful food.

  • Amy Tangerine - a crafty and inspirational lady who posts about projects that I will probably never make, but I still enjoy looking at. Plus, her little boy Jack is SO cute!

  • Simple Scrapper - Jennifer Wilson recently started an Instagram account for her Simple Scrapper site and I have found some great inspiration there. She shares layouts and simple tips for memory keeping. Very motivating for me.

  • National Geographic - this is probably one of the most diverse feeds I follow and every once in a while, there will be an image about a more difficult topic like poaching. The pictures are just stunning though and I've found a lot of amazing photographers this way. It's good to study the masters!

  • Jim RichardsonNG - one of the photographers I found from the National Geographic feed. Lots of incredible landscapes!

  • Martha Stewart - it's all about the pretty pictures for me. I love the images shared in this account and I study them for photography ideas and inspiration. 

Other places to find fun people to follow:

  • Real life friends. Nothing is better than following someone you know in person and have a connection with. Make comments on their pictures and respond to their comments. A lot of the "good stuff" of Instagram happens in the comment section of each picture. If their account is marked "private" you may have to send them a request to follow. I always feel a little sheepish doing this unless I know them really well. It's not a big deal though and I can understand why that is a better option for some.

  • Stores and designers you like. In the digital scrapbooking world, I have several stores and designers that I follow. I like to see their work and also get glimpses into their world. It gives you a better connection, more inspiration, and sometimes there are even challenges and contests to participate in. I also have some general stores and brands that I enjoy following like Sanuk footwear and Whole Foods Market. 

  • Celebrities. This is not an area I focus on because I'm not that interested in very many celebrities. If you have some favorites though, it's fun to see their everyday lives. 

  • Explore hashtags. If you have specific interests, the hashtags on Instagram can help you find great people to follow. For my Toy to the World account, I've found others who love LEGO, Harry Potter, and Disney, by clicking on related hashtags or using the search feature to find hashtags on those topics. 

  • Bloggers. If you read someone's blog, you will probably enjoy their Instagram account. I share a few things from my blog on my own account, but I also share a lot more of my personal life there. It's my favorite place to share everyday life and memories! When you visit blogs, look for the Instagram icon.

Do you have any "must follow" suggestions? I'd love to know!