a super quick roundup of March 2015

I try to get my roundup done for the previous month within the first few days of the new month, but I'm falling behind right now. I could stress about it, or I could just take a couple of minutes and jot down the highlights from the month and be done with it. That's how it works...sometimes I can write out a lot of details and get a layout done right away, other times I just make a bullet list and a quick photo collage and call it good.

I honestly believe that when it comes to memory keeping and journaling that SOMETHING is better than nothing. Seriously. Just write down something!

March 2015

  • I had a recent tooth filling redone because it cracked within days. At least the dentist repaired it at no charge.
  • My daughter performed with her choir for a concert and she was selected to be one of only two students who got to play some very expensive Tibetan Singing Bowls.
  • We hosted a dinner party and dessert for my daughter and a bunch of friends for a Sadie Hawkins date night. We set out a pretty incredible taco bar and we even wore sombreros. It was a great success!
  • We got to attend two Utah Jazz basketball games and even got to meet a few of the players.
  • My son and I both went to an allergist and found out that we don't actually have any allergies. We do have a fair amount of food intolerances though.
  • I celebrated a birthday with a nice dinner out and some fun presents.
  • My hubby and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. We didn't really do anything fancy to mark the occasion, but we usually don't worry about that. I guess next year we should do something cool for our 25th though.
  • I had a layout published in the Somerset Digital Studio magazine.
  • We had an old friend over for dinner and a visit.
  • Alex and I got to hang out with Steph (of Daily Digi fame) and her kids for a fun day of video gaming and digi scrapping while they were in Utah visiting some family members.

It was a busy and fun-filled month!