I'm a lister

I've always loved lists and I'm a big fan of journaling my memories so I was pretty thrilled to find TheResetGirl's #ListersGottaList challenges and community! She offers free daily challenges for listmakers of any type and shares a lot of fun inspiration on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Everything is free, you just need to sign up for her newsletter.  She gets really creative with her lists and uses a lot of fun planner materials. In the downloads, she totally encourages you to use whatever approach works best for you though. When you explore the #ListersGottaList hashtag on Instagram, you will see a wide variety of styles and ideas. 

I plan to work on a few of the challenges for May and I'm feeling anxious for her June list already. Surely she knows there will be OCD people like me interested? I mean, we are talking about LISTS!

Anyone else out there going to participate? I'll be sharing some of my lists here and some on my Instagram account.