The Two Desk Approach

I bookmarked a very interesting article a few weeks ago about the importance of having two desks.  I initially brushed off the idea and thought it was a little too unrealistic at first. Then I started thinking about it more and more and even realized that it doesn't have to be two desks. The kitchen table works just fine!

This excerpt from the post gets at the heart of the matter:

...Designate one area as your digital desk and the other as your no-technology-allowed desk. I told you it was simple, but trust me, it works.

Your no-technology-allowed desk is where you brainstorm, create ideas, and start putting them into action. If you’re a designer, it might be where you sketch some logo ideas. If you’re a blogger, perhaps you’ll map out future post ideas. Keep your tech-free supplies at this desk (or nearby) for easy access. Leave your phone, computer, tablet, roomba, and anything else that needs a battery at your other desk. Over time, this tech-free space will give you permission to do your work without feeling like you need to check in with the world every 12 minutes...

I can't tell you what a difference this has made in our lives already. I am SO guilty of being distracted by the computer or anything electronic whenever I sit down at my desk. It also seems that whenever I sit somewhere else, I pull out my phone or iPad. I have realized that I miss the days of sitting down with a pile of books and paper. The idea of a space for brainstorming has eaten at me until I finally just started making it happen.

I'm happy to report that my kids have embraced this idea and are making great use of the flat surfaces around here - away from computers.

Zentangle cards by my daughter. This is her favorite Zentangle book. 

Murder mystery puzzle by my son (he made me promise to cover it up enough so that nobody who was working on the same puzzle would get a spoiler). 

Don't get me wrong, I still L-O-V-E my computer. I just need to remember to get away from it more often!