A photo prompt game

I needed a fresh new perspective today so I thought it would be fun to make up a little game of photo prompts. If you want to play along on Instagram just use the #whatsonprompt so your pictures will show up under that category when the hashtag is searched. It's a fun way to get inspiration from others and share your own pictures.


If you want to play along, you can do just one of them or all four prompts. No rules, no deadlines, and no prizes.  The prompts are:

1. What's on your wrist?

2. What's in your bag? 

3. What's on your bookshelf?

4. What's on your phone?


Here are my individual photos


What's on my wrist? My newest addiction - Pura Vida bracelets and my trusty FitBit Charge.



What's in my bag? I love my Vera Bradley black purse and it's the only one I use. Today the contents include:

1. Grocery store receipts

2. A map from my daughter's high school graduation at the end of May.

3. Mortal Syntax- A grammar geek book my son was reading the last time we left the house.

4. My chevron patterned wallet from Target.

5. Loose change that I can't bother to put away in my wallet.

6. My LEGO Movie keychain



What's on my bookshelf? This is one of my cookbook shelves that contains: 

1. Food Rules

2. Feed Zone Portables

3. The Geometry of Pasta

4. The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

5. Nourish

6. Power Foods

7. Meatless

8. The New Mediterranean Cookbook

9. The Kinfolk Table

And a LE Creuset crock with utensils. 


What's on my phone? I only use Speck Cases for my iPhone. They've saved my phone even when I've dropped it!

If you are looking for some photo inspiration today, try out one or all of these prompts. It is a great way to jumpstart your creativity!