Ten Blogs I Still Read

There's been a lot of talk online lately about how blogs are dying/dead. Do you agree? I'm not sure I'm ready to stick a fork in blogging just yet. I still have a lot of readers (thank you!) and I still read many blogs on a regular basis. How about you? Obviously, you are still reading my blog. lol!

First up, let me say that I follow more than ten blogs on a regular basis, but I decided to pick my favorites. I only chose blogs that are regularly updated. I no longer read blogs that are solely for product sales, even if they are products that I love. I just visit those sites as needed. Here are the blogs that I love to read:

  1. Flickr Blog - This has been on my blog reading list ever since I discovered it existed. Flickr is still the site I credit with helping me find my passion for photography. It still is THE place I share and/or store all of my photos. I love the blog and I often feel inspired because of posts I read there.
  2. Ali Edwards - I've been reading her since practically the day she started blogging (I'm thinking that she might be the only one I read who has been blogging longer than I have). I felt like I already had a connection with her many years ago because she is a dedicated memory keeper and a parent to a son with autism. Once I got to meet her in person, I knew I would always read what she had to write. She is such a genuine and amazing lady. I'm also really proud to say that I've had two of my own posts featured on her blog; one about roundups and the other one about how to use templates in creative ways.
  3. Posie Gets Cozy - I don't know Alicia Paulson and I'm sure she has no clue that I exist. I only found her blog because my Mom told me about it years ago. She has been blogging for a long time and posts beautiful pictures of her cozy life of knitting, sewing, dogs, and her darling little girl. Her posts are always comforting to me somehow, like a favorite book. When she and her husband went through a heartbreaking failed adoption many years ago, I actually cried when I read about it. It's funny how you can grow to care about someone you've never met because you have read about their heart.
  4. Kelly Purkey - I'll admit that I live vicariously through her by reading her blog and following her on Instagram. She's talented, young, beautiful, and travels the world. Who wouldn't be intrigued? I would LOVE to take the kind of photos that she captures. Amazing!
  5. Simple Scrapper - I really love the simple inspiration that is shared on this blog and I'm always happy to read about scrapbooking. I'm so pleased that I was featured in the simple tip series a few months ago. I've really enjoyed this series!
  6. The Daily Digi - I'm still on the team at The Daily Digi, even though I'm no longer writing for the site. I still check the blog and look forward to inspiration for my digi projects as well as photography and journaling. I think a piece of my heart will always belong to that site!
  7. Capture Your 365 - I love the monthly photo lists and the regular inspiration. I'm honored to have my own feature in the Behind the Lens section. Of course, the big draw for me is Katrina Kennedy herself. I'm a longtime fan and I'm now lucky enough to be called her friend after we have chatted many times on The Digi Show and even got to hang out in Disneyland together. She's just one of the best people around! She also taught me how to move to manual on my DSLR through one of her online classes. 
  8. Gallery Standouts - I'm still a scrapbook lady at heart so it's no surprise that I love to look at pretty pages! Gallery Standouts has been a regular stop for me since it started in 2008 and I really enjoy seeing many different types of layouts. It's a great way to keep in touch with memory keeping trends.
  9. I Heart Faces - another great photography blog that has been around for several years. I feel inspired by the articles and photography examples there and they consistently post great content.
  10. i am a food blog - this is a recent find for me and even though I will probably never make a lot of the recipes featured on the blog, I still love it. I simply enjoy looking at the pretty pictures. It makes me want to be a food photographer! Oh, and I like the Friday Finds feature as well. There is always something interesting to read from those links.

How's that for an interesting mix? What blogs do you read? Any I should know about?