Meal Planning + Memory Keeping

I've never been a big fan of meal planning, but I've come to the point in life where I need to get serious about this. We have so many food issues in this house, and I also need to prepare my daughter to go out into the world on her own and take care of her own food needs. I've decided that if I teach her the skill of meal planning that it will help me master it as well.

I pulled together some of my favorite cookbooks and recent magazines and just started browsing. I found some great printables to make it all a lot more fun:

I'm also going through all of my old files in Microsoft Word where I have stored a lot of recipes and plowing through my Pinterest boards for inspiration. My hope is to put together a nice little resource of recipes and meal/snack ideas for my daughter to take with her when she leaves home. I'm also hoping to reduce the amount of unused cookbooks and magazines that I have around here and consolidate my recipes and ideas into a place where I can easily access them.

I've been researching recipe apps for a while now and I've settled on using Paprika. It's a little expensive and I don't like that you have to purchase it separately for your PC/Mac as well as for each of your mobile devices. However, it truly gets the best reviews of anything out there and everything syncs up to your main account. It seems to be the best option out there and I'm really happy with it so far. Here's a link with basic instructions on how to use this program. I especially love the browser feature that lets you save a recipe right from a website or blog. 

Here's a screen shot from my iPad of some favorite recipes I've added to Paprika.

If you are interested in any of these recipes, here are the links:

All of these recipes are favorites for us. The haystack recipes are from a post I did for The Daily Digi a few years ago. The web clipper in Paprika didn't work on those so I just copied and pasted the text into the recipe. All the other recipes were easily clipped using the web browser tool in the app. So fast!

Feels good to finally be getting organized with my recipes and meal planning! Meals are such a big part of our everyday life and many memories are centered around meals. There are several great methods for preserving and sharing recipes. I wrote a post at The Daily Digi a few years ago about scrapbooking your recipes and I also love the approach that Becky Higgins is taking by documenting her favorite recipes with a 6x8 Project Life album. It would be super easy to use the Project Life app for this kind of project!

Of course, even with all the apps and online resources, there is still nothing as special as a handwritten recipe. I will always treasure the recipe book my mom gave me when I got married. It's worn, stained, and so very loved! 

Meals + memories. My favorite!