Charting my boards

I'm kind of a statistics geek and I love to figure out how to chart and graph little bits of my life so I can get a good look at what it all means. That's why I decided to look at a list of all my public Pinterest boards and how many pins I've added to each one and make a graph. Yes, this is the kind of thing I do for fun!

I have my Pinterest boards named by category to help me keep track of everything. The first topic is CREATIVE and these are the board that fall under that heading:

  1. Artful Inspiration
  2. Book Love
  3. Colors
  4. Crafty Fun
  5. Favorite Apps
  6. Favorite Fonts
  7. Gallery Walls
  8. Humor
  9. Journaling
  10. Mixed Media & Art Journals
  11. Photography Fun
  12. Photography Lists
  13. Planners
  14. Pocket Scrapping
  15. Roundups & Document Your Month
  16. Scrapbooking
  17. Techie
  18. Sew Fun
  19. Smash Books
  20. Words
  21. Write Now!

I used this free graph tool and created a vertical bar graph with 21 lines. Then I added the number of pins added to each board so I could visually see which boards have the most pins.

I already knew that my WORDS board was the one I've pinned the most to, but it was interesting to see how much it is ahead of all my other boards. It's also easy to see that some of my other favorite topics for pinning are humor, photography fun, and scrapbooking. Not really any surprises there!


I also put a lot of pins under the category of CUISINE:

  1. Bread Basket
  2. C is for Cookie
  3. Can it!
  4. Dip it, Dress it, Dunk It
  5. Drink Me
  6. Good Eats
  7. Fruits & Veggies
  8. Main Dishes
  9. Sweets & Treats
  10. What a Crock!
  11. Whole Eating


I'm not shocked that my biggest pinboard is Sweets & Treats because Pinterest is a hard place to hang out when you are dieting. Lots of sugar enabling going on there! I am  proud that Good Eats was my next highest category because that is a board where I try to put generally good and mostly healthy recipes. Should I even comment about third place going to C is for Cookies? If you know me at all, you know that cookies are my all-time favorite food!


My next pinboard category is HOLIDAYS:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Christmas
  3. Easter
  4. Excellent Entertaining
  5. Gifts to Give
  6. Halloween
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. School
  9. St. Patrick's Day
  10. Summer
  11. Thanksgiving
  12. Valentines
  13. Weddings
  14. Winter

Of course, Christmas is the leader in this category because it is the holiday that I do the most for around here. Halloween is also high up there because we really enjoy that time of year. Summer is another fun season to plan for. The one surprise for me was how many pins I have for Valentine's Day. That's not at all a big deal around here so I have no idea why I have pinned so much there.

I'm not going to bother graphing out the rest of my boards because there are just a handful left in a few different categories.


  1. Cleaning & Organization
  2. Dorm & Apartment
  3. Dream House
  4. Yard & Garden


  1. Blast from the Past
  2. Feel Good
  3. Memories
  4. One Little Word


  1. Amazing Places I've Been
  2. Dream Destinations
  3. Food Finds
  4. Utah

And I have an entirely different Pinterest account for my TOY TO THE WORLD site and interests. 

As you can see, I have a lot of pinboards for a lot of different interests. This was a useful activity to do to figure out what interests me most and how I use Pinterest. I also had fun playing around with one of my favorite online tools to make the graphs. I wrote an article about scrapbooking with graphs a few years ago for The Daily Digi if you are interested in more ideas on how to use them for memory keeping.

I'd love to know if you have any pinboards that you think I would be interested in following. I'm also looking for something new on Pinterest!