Dashboard photography

As I was browsing through my photo files the other day, I found a few dashboard photos - meaning pictures I have taken from the dashboard of a car while on a road trip, from the passenger seat of course. Rest assured that I don't take pictures while I'm driving!

This photo was taken the way to Ophir in 2008, which is the smallest town in Utah. Now there are some very small towns in Utah but Ophir is really small and only has a population of 10 households.  It's also very beautiful.  On that particular night, were treated to a dinner date at a friend's cabin - I use the term cabin very loosely here because it really was an amazing and huge luxury home.

Ophir is totally out in the middle of nowhere and it makes me think about how much open space there still is in Utah. I've grown up seeing a lot of open space but that is changing here as the population grows. Of course I realize that some places just don't have views of nothingness like this.

This picture was taken one evening as we were about ready to head up to Logan for the night. It's hard to tell from this photo, but it's a very beautiful canyon. The clouds were my focus at the time and I love the fleeting light of the moment. 


I really love this photo because it was taken by my daughter from the backseat of my parent's car as they drove her from New Mexico from Utah in the summer of 2012. What a meaningful experience it was that she got to stay with my parents on her own and then travel with them across several states. I'm so happy that she took lots of pictures of her journey!

Speaking of backseat photography, that's my favorite spot for dashboard photography. I like to capture some of the details of the car and driver with the view of the road. This was taken on a trip to Cedar City, Utah in the fall of 2013. My husband is driving what was my car at the time (a Nissan Murano) and my son is acting as navigator. My daughter and I were in the back together.

On our way home from that same trip, we took a leisurely Sunday drive through Elberta, Utah and got caught in the middle of a cattle drive. It felt like a scene from a movie and I was so glad I was able to snap some quick photos. How cool is it that there are real life cowboys in front of the car and that one was also captured in the rear view mirror? Hands down my very favorite dashboard photo!

After searching through my files I have realized that I don't have any pictures of city driving and that there are many epic road trips where I waited until we pulled over to capture the moment. I'm making a mental note to add dashboard photos to my travel routine from now on!