My new Canon Pixma printer

Ok, so I totally caved and ordered the printer I had my eye on. Admit it, we all knew I would give in eventually. Now I'm just wondering why I waited so long! Seriously, this is the best printer I have ever used!

Look at those photos! No curled edges, and they are so crisp and clear. I'm convinced that the Canon Matte Photo Paper is just as responsible as the printer for the great results. When I printed photos on regular printer paper, they didn't look nearly as good as they do with the photo paper. It's worth spending a little extra for the right paper and if you use the 4x6 size, you don't have to trim your photos. I love that there is a separate cassette tray for photo paper so you can keep one tray loaded with regular size printer paper and the other one loaded with photo paper.

I printed out the most vibrantly colored photo I could find and it looks fantastic. I also printed out some great cards from Miss Mint and they turned out so perfect. 

I tested out a few more pocket cards from Just Jaimee and then I realized that this could go on for days. 

Best printer evah! If you are on the fence about ordering a new printer, I'll gladly encourage you to go with this one. I'm so happy I finally got one!