Looking through a different filter

I take photos all the time. I look at them often and think about the subject matter, the composition, and many other details. I just love pictures! Just when I think I've seen everything there is to see in my photos, I always find something new. Especially when I try out new photo effects, tools, and filters.

When I used the Waterlogue App on a simple photo I took at Gardner Village, I realized there were some details I had missed and/or not appreciated when I was looking at the original version.

I was bothered by the telephone wires in this picture, but they actually look really neat in the Waterlogue version. I appreciated the green reflections in the water a lot more once I saw the watercolor effect. The little pops of pink became much more stunning after running the photo through this fun little app.

If you need a different view, try using a different "lens" to look through. Changing the scene with an app, a filter, or a special effect can help you fall in love with different parts of the overall picture.

Good advice for life in general as well!