Looking for some scrapbook inspiration

You know, for a "Scrapbook Lady" I really haven't been all that scrapbook-ey lately. I go through phases on this and right now I'm just not feeling it. The funny thing is that I still think about scrapbooking all the time. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my brain, but I seem to be saving them for a rainy day. I thought it might help if I shared some of the inspiration I've been filing away. Here are some pages & projects that I adore right now:

Love the collection of scanned drawings. I always have a soft spot for pages filled with artwork like this!


It's not easy to put together a visually pleasing page full of journaling, but this layout is a perfect example of how to do it right!


I'm still a big fan of the full page photo layout combined with fun details. It's just such a stunning way to show off a favorite picture!


I absolutely adore the watercolor sketch look of this poignant page. I love everything about it! There are many apps that can change photos into works of art. There are also guided edits and filters in many programs such as Photoshop Elements. I need to remember to play around with my photos more!


Digitally framing a page full of details is a great finishing touch to any layout. I love the look of a frame and this one feels like it is highlighting some special moments.


A super big and bold title gives this page an amazing presence. I love the simple lines and big words!


Love this approach to documenting favorite tv shows! Such a fun way to capture the current pop culture.


I really want to document all the places I have lived. This page is definitely on my scraplift list!


I'm sort of obsessed with wood grain paper lately. And this photo is super sweet!


Pictures hanging from clothespins make me happy. I just adore this layout!


I sure do appreciate all the inspiration that is out there. Now I need to do more than just pin these to my Pinterest board. I need to work on creating my own layouts using the great ideas that make me want to get scrapping!