Every day for 624 days

Every single day since December 1st of 2013, I've been taking at least one photo a day and keeping track of them on a calendar in the Collect App. That means I've been at it for 624 days so far!


I know not everyone will want to or be able to use the Collect App (there's no Collect app for Android), but the same principles can be applied if you want to be consistent about taking pictures on a regular basis. 


Set a reminder alarm to alert you each day

This is the biggest reason why I've been able to stick with this project. The Collect App prompted me to set up a reminder. I get a notification on my phone each day at 4 p.m. reminding me to take my photo for the day. Why did I choose 4:00? I'm a stickler about using natural light for my photos so I figure that still gives me plenty of daylight time (even in the winter) to take a photo if I haven't already done it for the day. If you don't use this app, just set an alarm on your phone or watch (or whatever works for you) so that you don't forget. This is the best advice I can give you to really be successful with a photo-a-day project!

Try to capture the important people every month

This one took me awhile to realize, but once I got looking back at each month of photos, I found that I didn't always show up and often my husband was missing as well. I try to make sure there is a picture of each one of our individual family members at least once during the month.

Use prompt lists if you need ideas

I believe that everyone goes through idea droughts. I know I sure do! Sometimes if I just can't figure out what to take a photo of, I will refer to photo prompt lists and I can always find something that inspires me. 

Screenshots are a great substitute

If I ever forget to take a photo or just can't think of something, I feel perfectly fine about using a screenshot to represent my day. Sometimes, that is even my first choice because that is what really is the best image to record the events of the day.

Just do it

I know this phrase is overused, but the truth is that the only way to get something done is to do it! I love having a photographic record of my everyday life!