In less than 9 weeks

Yesterday, we hit the nine week mark - which means my daughter will be leaving in less than 9 weeks and heading to Iowa for 18 months.

Those of you who are familiar with LDS missions will already know that young ladies who serve go for 18 months. Amazingly, they don't see their families or friends during that time and only call (actually Skype) home on Christmas and Mother's Day. Other than that, all of our communication with our daughter will be via letters and email. To say it's going to be a big adjustment just feels like a giant understatement right now.

She's really excited and feels like this is the right path for her to follow. I'm proud that she is willing to give up 18 months of her life right now to serve others. That's a pretty amazing thing! So while I'm super proud of her, I'm getting a little nervous for all of us. It's a happy kind of nervous and I know she feels it as well. I'm really not looking forward to all the crying. I don't like to cry and I know I'm going to do plenty of it!

We are knee-deep in preparations right now of buying the clothes and supplies she will need to get her through this adventure. It's been fun but it's a big effort that takes a lot of energy and focus so I have to admit that some days I have a hard time blogging at all. I may miss a few days here and there as the time for her departure gets closer. I just want to soak up the time we have right now. This is uncharted territory (isn't all of parenting?) so I'm just trying to take it a day at a time. Good advice for any change!