Letter writing kit

I absolutely love little organizing projects and I had so much fun with this one! I decided to put together a letter writing kit for my daughter to take to Iowa with her. I think this would be a great gift for anyone who is heading off to college or moving away from their friends & family. I know that letter writing is becoming a lost art, but it is still such a meaningful way to communicate. There is something special about getting a personal letter in the mail!


I kept it fairly simple and most of it was very inexpensive. I did splurge on the holder though and I'm so glad I did. I've seen some ads for MochiThings on Pinterest and I have to admit I was curious enough to click on them. I found a fun little site that is right up my alley! Their products are not cheap, but they do have a 20% off sale through the end of the month. You can also get some deals if you follow them on Facebook. 

I'm not an affiliate for them or anything. I'm just sharing a fun find in case any of you are interested. 

What did I include in this kit? Glad you asked!

  • Better Together MochiThings pouch V5 - I originally ordered a smaller one and found it wasn't big enough. I wanted to fit a full size notebook inside so this was the right one for that.
  • US First Class Forever Stamps. No need for my daughter to have to buy postage. If she was going to a foreign country, I would have added international stamps/mailers. I love the Summer Harvest stamps since she is going to farm country. I also put in some good old American Flag stamps as well. 
  • Top bound spiral notepad with a sturdy cardboard back (purchased at Office Max). That way, she won't need a desk or even a clipboard for a writing surface.
  • Plain white business size envelopes. No need to get fancy on this. She can decorate them up if she wants to.
  • Paper Mate Profile pens in multiple colors. These are my daughter's favorite pens and she loves having some fun colors to use. 
  • Ideas notebook from Target that was sold as part of a 3 pack. I had several slim notebooks on hand so I let her choose one and she loved the Zebra print.  I'm also using this as an address book.
  • A cute little folder of sticky notes from MochiThings. I love that they are easy to keep track of this way and they are so stinkin cute! 
  • Some mechanical pencils with erasers.
  • The 5x7 clasp envelopes are filled with pre-printed return address labels with her future mailing address and pre-printed address labels with our home address on them and a few other sheets with family members' addresses on them. I used Avery 8160 labels for the return address sheets and Avery 8162 labels for the addresses. 

The back pocket is filled with notecards and matching envelopes. Plenty of thank you cards, some all purpose striped cards with no message inside, and a few missionary notecards from Deseret Book. 


It all zips up neatly into this beautiful pouch that she can grab when she has some time to catch up on her correspondence. I have to admit that I want to make one for myself now!