Brave Enough

It's been a while since I stopped and create an art journal page. Whenever I take the time to make a page like this, I always wonder what took me so long to carve out the time to do it? It's so much fun!


I used the July Mixed Media subscription kit from The Lily Pad + the Little Butterfly Wings add-on journaling cards and I basically cheated (a lot) to get this page done in about a minute. Seriously!

I used one of the journaling cards and just added a cityscape border to the bottom of it and then printed the page for my art journal. Super easy!

If I hadn't told you my secret, you all would have just thought I was that crafty, right? Still keep thinking that. lol! But also know that you can be amazing also. Just open up 2 little files in a photo editing program and layer them. Then call it an  art journal page!