Welcome September

September happens to be one of my very favorite months. I love the change in weather as fall approaches. It's usually the most perfect temperature month in Utah as it is a rare mild month that usually is not too hot as well as not being too cold. A good month for me is one where you don't have to turn on air conditioning or heat in your home. It feels good to just exist. The middle of September is usually right in that zone.


There are also plenty of memory making events and opportunities in the month of September so it's a great season for fun and creativity. Here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming month:

  • September 7th - Labor Day (USA)
  • September 23rd - first day of Fall in the northern hemisphere and first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere
  • A few very short mini-vacations with my hubby & kids
  • My daughter's 19th birthday

And I'm hoping for some creative time with photography and memory keeping. Here are a few resources I plan to use for inspiration:

Capture Your 365 Photo Prompts - full details here

Get It Scrapped membership materials. I've been a longtime follower of Debbie Hodge and I plan to use her great resources to jump start my scrapping this month. Even if you aren't a member, there are some great free ideas on her site as well. I recommend you sign up for her list of free lessons and guides to help you get your stories told. 

Another longtime resource for me is the Simple Scrapper membership site. Jennifer Wilson does a fantastic job of providing ongoing supportive materials and ideas that keep me scrapping! I am especially happy to see that she is bringing her incredible Before Your Story workshop back and I highly recommend it!

Do you have any sites or lists/prompts that you plan to use for inspiration in September? I'd love to hear about them so leave me a comment. :)