Challenges can be challenging or inspiring

I love to follow challenge and prompt lists, but they can be overwhelming at times. So many people get hung up on the guilt that comes with not completing a list, but I figure if it motivates me to take one photo or document one memory, that's enough.

There's no better example of that than the new challenge project Heidi Swapp has started of CAPTURE LIFE: 30 days. 30 prompts. 30 reasons. #HSCAPTURELIFE 

Even as she mourns the loss of her son Cory, she is reminding us all of the importance of capturing and documenting our memories. That is absolutely inspiring. 

Here's her brief video to introduce the project. Be sure to follow her on instagram for her prompts. 

So while I usually download challenge and prompt lists for the creative exercise and then only complete one or two of them at the most, I'm going to have a different approach with this this project. I'm going to let Heidi remind me each day for the next month to cherish life, treasure my memories, and capture them. I'm not going to worry about the guilt, I'm going to celebrate the lives of those I love and appreciate my own story as well. As I participate along with Heidi, I may not share all my photos publicly, but I will definitely share some on my own instagram account. I'm looking forward to a new appreciation of photos + love.