Pro Selfie

Who would have ever thought that I would be a pro-selfie advocate? This coming from a woman who continually struggles to get in front of the camera. I am trying to be more forgiving of my flaws and let the camera capture me. When you are the photographer in the family, you are often absent from the photo albums. This is certainly true in my life. Good thing it's so much easier to point a camera at ourselves these days. Hooray for front facing screens and even the selfie stick!

This is me and you can even see a couple of my crazy gray hairs, which I don't mind because I've earned them. lol! 

"Imperfection is OKAY. It's okay to not look or feel pretty, because looking and feeling pretty isn't the most important thing about you."

I think that quote (found in this Mashable post) is an important one to remember. We don't have to look perfect to share a glimpse of ourselves. In fact, it's kind of amazing when you just take a photo of who you are on a regular day, in an everyday moment.

Of course, It’s also important to keep the whole thing in balance. If you are posting selfies all of the time, people are going to think you are self-centered. There also seems to be a cultural backlash against men who post selfies. Mixed messages abound when it comes to this type of photography. There are also plenty of selfie "haters" out there. It's too bad that humans spend so much time judging each other over such things.

I get tired of people complaining about food photos or saying there are too many pictures of the sky on Instagram or too many selfies. The beauty of our modern day information streams is that we can choose who we follow. I personally love to see what people find worth photographing. There is art in everything. Also, sometimes it’s just fun to share. And I certainly love to see the faces of those who I’m connecting with. 

And we really aren't the first ones to take selfies...

Self portraiture is an art form. Pretty cool when you think of it that way! If you want to read a great article about this topic, be sure to check out Don't Hate the Selfie from the iPad Art Room.