Invitation Script - a beautiful font

As a scrapbook artist and a digital designer, I’ve become quite a font junkie. I’ve blogged about fonts many times over at The Daily Digi and talked about them several times on The Digi Show. I’ve even purchased some nice commercial use fonts for some past and present design projects. I’ve noticed that the more I learn about fonts, the more I appreciate a really well-designed one. So when I was invited by Paulo W, from Intellecta Design, creator of Invitation Script to try out this beautiful font, I jumped at the chance!

I have a weakness for fonts with special character attributes like really gorgeous sweeping details on letters like F, R, W, etc.
It’s just so elegant, and it would be a wonderful font to use on a wedding invitation.

 Invitation Script would be a great font to use on any project where you want to add some elegance. It is available on I know I’m going to have some fun with it!

P.S. This post originally ran on my blog in 2013, but I'm slowly moving over some of my older content to this new space so don't think you are going crazy if this looks a bit familiar. lol!

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