Eleven Lists revisited

On November 11th of 2011, I posted "Eleven Lists" to use for scrapbooking and documenting memories. It was a fun and geeky way to celebrate all the elevens that day! Even though today's date has nothing to do with the number 11, I thought it was a good time to bring these lists back to life (updated a bit to reflect my current tastes). 

I still see the original post from four years ago being passed around the internet so I know it's still useful to many people. I hope you will have fun making your own lists!


Eleven lists of 11 things about me!

11 things I like to eat:
1.    Caprese salad (Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, + balsalmic)
2.    Fresh blueberries
3.    Fresh peaches
4.    Dark chocolate with sea salt
5.    Fresh bread & butter
6.    Homemade cookies
7.    Homemade caramel
8.    Really good hamburgers and fries
9.    Grilled pineapple
10.   Pico de gallo
11.    My mom's lasagna

11 things I don’t like to eat:
1.    Seafood – all types
2.    Turkey burger
3.    Pumpkin Pie
4.    Brussels sprouts
5.    Oats (I love them, but they make me sick)
6.    Lettuce (also makes me sick)
7.    High-fructose corn syrup (makes me sick and I think it’s bad all around)
8.    Black licorice
9.    Curry
10.    No Bake cookies (I didn’t like these even before I knew oats make me sick)
11.    Prime Rib

11 cool places I’ve visited:
1.    Totem Bight State Park in Alaska
2.    Yellowstone National Park
3.    London, England
4.    Mykonos, Greece
5.    Depoe Bay, Oregon
6.    Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington
7.    The Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah
8.    Heidelberg, Germany
9.    Strasbourg, France
10.   Times Square in New York City
11.    Glendalough, Ireland

11 things that make me crazy:
1.    Solicitors at my door
2.    Solicitors calling on the phone
3.    Noisy mouth sounds (loud chewing, slurping, hearing others brush their teeth)
4.    Shopping for clothes for myself
5.    Shoe shopping
6.    Shopping malls (especially the people who work in the center booths and are always trying to get you to stop and sign up for their phone plan or try their products)
7.    Computer malfunctions
8.    Spam emails
9.    Piles and messes (I have a few big ones going right now)
10.   My inability to stick to a diet or exercise program
11.    Maniac drivers


11 things I collect:
•    Digital scrapbooking kits/supplies
•    LEGO minifigures
•    Storage containers (it’s an addiction)
•    Cookbooks and cooking magazines
•    Books (all sorts)
•    Fat quarters
•    Quotes
•    Office supplies
•    Apps for my iPad & iPhone
•    Postcards
•    Globes

11 movies I love:
1.    Pirates of the Caribbean – especially the first one
2.    Finding Nemo
3.    Up
4.    Beauty and the Beast
5.    Sword in the Stone
6.    School of Rock
7.    Elf
8.    The Princess Bride
9.    Despicable Me
10.   Big Hero 6
11.    Megamind


11 guilty pleasures:
1.    People Magazine (when I'm at the doctor's office - I don't buy it, but sometimes I go to the website)
2.    Naps
3.    Jimmy Fallon lip sync battles
4.    Captain Jack Sparrow
5.    Surfing the internet for hours
6.    Playing Mancala on my iPad
7.    Netflix binges (especially FRIENDS episodes)
8.    Snacking
9.    Chocolate milk
10.   Nacho cheese sauce
11.    ABBA

11 projects I'm working on:
1.    Putting together a magnetic spice board for my kitchen
2.   Watching the Disney canon of movies
3.   Blogging most weekdays
4.   Rearranging my daughter's bedroom to fit a queen sized bed instead of a twin
5.   Scrapbooking our Europe trip
6.   Updating our SMASH BOOKS
7.   Putting together a simple cookbook for my daughter
8.   Building a Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion LEGO set
9.   Taking a picture every day
10.  Organizing my digital photos and supplies
11.   Shopping for clothes for my daughter

11 facts about me:
1.    I’m about 5’6 maybe 5’6 + a half inch
2.    I have brown eyes
3.    I have dark brown hair with a few crazy strands of silver (my daughter calls it “tinsel”)
4.    I’ve lived in Utah most of my life, except for a few years in California when I was very young
5.    I’ve been married for more than 24 years to my sweetheart. We’ve known each other since we were in the 7th grade.
6.    I’m the oldest child in my family. I have a brother who is 12 years younger than me, and a brother who is 19 years younger than me.
7.    I’m a very loyal person.
8.    I don’t like to wear much jewelry, I feel uncomfortable and bogged down by it.
9.    I’ve been blogging since October of 2005.
10.    I started paper scrapbooking when I was 14 years old. I began digital scrapbooking in 2005.
11.    I love being a Mom to my two wonderful kids. My son is almost 22 and my daughter is almost 19. They are both very amazing people!

11 things I would like to work on improving:
1.    Exercising
2.   Eating healthy
3.   Getting enough sleep
4.   Finding clothes for myself
5.   Meal planning
6.   Making time to read
7.   Gardening
8.   Spending more time outdoors
9.   Becoming a better photographer
10.  Writing
11.   My posture

11 random favorites:
1.    Brian Regan
2.    Survivor
3.    Gravity Falls
4.    Harry Potter audio books read by Jim Dale
5.    Disneyland
6.    Coloring pages
7.    Weird Al
8.    LEGO sets
9.    Pottery Barn
10.   My iPhone
11.    Art Journaling


Lists are such a fun way to document your everyday life. Whether you make 1 list of 11 things or 11 lists, you will be glad you took the time to jot down something today.